Frequent Private Investigator Questions


Frequently Asked Private Investigation Questions


We have outlined a number of frequently asked private investigator questions and queries and explained them in detail.

Commonly members of the general public do not correctly understand the Australian private investigator service and incorrectly assume private investigators have other extraordinary legal powers and access to information held by government and or private institutions and or provide illegal hacking and GPS tracking abilities where this is not the case as private investigators in Australia generally do not have extraordinary powers and access to information above the general public including to Centrelink office, Visa and Immigration department, Tax office, Motor registries, Roads and Maritime authorities, Police records, Bank and Telecommunication institution records. Australian private investigators also may not illegally facilitate nor generally have the capability to hack someone’s phone or computer, GPS track someone’s movements and property and or install a recording device on private property without consent and if you are found guilty of such criminal offenses, may be imprisoned up to five years in some Australian jurisdictions. Therefore, My Spy appropriately direct you to our transparent, correct and legal licensed private investigation services to investigate all your objectives and investigation types and provide you with peace of mind and a positive outcome with the ability to present your evidence in a court of law if required to do so. My Spy have transparently itemized the correct and legal private investigation products, costs and services available in Australia on our website, to enable customers to efficiently and easily select and order the investigation products required in their case and only pay for the investigation components you need. We believe we are the first and only private investigation agency in Australia to highlight transparency and itemize investigation services into products on our website to this extent, and with less scrupulous competing private investigator agencies, you may still not know what you’re getting and paying for and could be misled!


  • Privacy and confidentiality, all consultations and investigations are private and confidential and we only report back to you the Client and no one else. All investigations are carried out in a discreet and professional manner to limit the chance of the Target becoming suspicious, concerned and compromising!
  • How much does a Private Investigator cost? We recognize that some Clients contacting a Private Investigator for the first time might have no idea of what an investigation might cost so here are some key points. There is no one price to cover all investigation types and the cost will depend on what you are looking for, the case scenario, the amount of work and or time required, the locations and distances and other fees and expenses. For some services such as location of persons and information, Clients will be advised of the methods available and generally their applicable flat fee costs. Other Private Detective services such as surveillance will usually involve an hourly rate and in most cases our rates are amongst the most competitive due to our industry experience, expertise and the use of our highly qualified and trained internal investigator rather than contracting out like some other firms. All surveillance investigations are charged by the hour as we could be on your case for an eternity if private investigators did not charge this way. You will be transparently advised of your applicable local surveillance hourly rates and this method helps and allows you to efficiently plan your investigation based on the budget and amount of time you can afford. So please understand to discuss your case scenario before you ask “how much does it cost”. The transparent discloser of hourly rates is not meant to confuse and or stall the Client, which often occurs when Clients contact us with an incorrect preconceived notion that there is a fixed cost per day etc. Sometimes Clients may then also incorrectly stall when thinking they need to know when to use all the surveillance hours and then do not proceed because they do not know when to conduct the surveillance but that is the wrong approach as we can methodically and comprehensively plan your surveillance investigation for you based on your circumstances using our extensive training and experience. If you receive a flat fee quote from another Private Investigator without even discussing what methods and the amount of hours and distances required, than you could be getting ripped off. We will honestly and transparently advise you on all legal and correct Australian Private Investigator service options and their applicable rates. Fees are charged for the amount of work and or time conducted plus expenses to achieve your objectives rather than per result. These practices have been the standard industry practice and methods for many years so clients should understand and familiarize themselves with this method of expenditure. Please navigate our Home page for the full range of Private Investigator services and options!
  • We offer discreet payment facilities and credit card statements may show an inconspicuous transaction name. This means you can discreetly use our service without having compromising information on your bank statements!
  • Being specialists in investigations and surveillance, we have the highest experience and expertise in these fields and also simplified, transparent and lower operating costs, where we also use the highly qualified internal investigator and not contract out like other firms, which enables us to provide you the best service at the best price and beat most of our competitors costs. Visit our About Us page for more information about our Private Investigator qualifications and experience!
  • All surveillance investigations include video footage presented to you on standard DVD and a written report containing an activity log and photos, which may be submitted as evidence in a court of law!


Frequently Asked Private Investigator Questions Explained!


  • Another common mistake some Clients make is choosing another unqualified Private Investigator. If you receive consultation from another Private Investigator and their response is vague with regards to methods and simply stating that “how we do it is our secret” and or they are just “highly qualified” then more than likely they are just not transparent nor qualified and you could be getting misled. All consultations should be transparent on all approaches and methods to meet your investigation objectives including with the associated rates and all qualifications should be available on what certification, training and experience has been undertaken. For some invaluable feedback and Private Investigator reviews, see our Customer’s Testimonials page. Specifically with regards to surveillance investigations, we have been contacted by many clients that have previously received poor results and experiences from other less qualified investigators and or mainly spouse private investigators and we were requested to take over and correctly conduct the investigation. Unfortunately by this time, the client’s budget was usually depleted and once an investigation has been compromised it will make future tasks more difficult, which is why choosing the correct private investigator at the start of an investigation is essential. Other private investigators should not be choosing based on their marketing appearance and or vague discussion about their approach and methods and that they are simply the “best” and or “highly qualified” but rather on transparency and back-able proven certification, training, industry experience and results.
  • Another common mistake some Clients make is that some assume to already know all the Target’s movements and activities and plan their investigation or surveillance based on incorrect assumptions when in fact 50% of cases reveal new and or different activities. Although many people might fantasize about being a Private Investigator, unless you are trained and experienced the reality is often different to most common perceptions and the activities and methods are far from glamorous and require a specific understanding. More information about our Private Investigator experience and training is available on our About Us page. Unless you are an experienced private investigator, clients should acquire these services with an attitude of unfamiliarity and a willingness to seek and receive advice. So please provide your case information merely as background information and let us the professionals, plan and undertake the investigation for you with proper methods and procedures to uncover the truth for you!
  • Another common mistake some Clients make is that some stall when thinking they need to know when the Target is doing something or going out in order to plan and conduct an investigation or surveillance. This is the wrong approach and you are contacting us because you have doubts and questions that need to be answered. You cannot predict someone’s exact movements before it happens and it is our job to determine the Target’s activities and then report the factual information back to you. Investigation and Surveillance results are obtained from an execute and reveal process. If you do not know the best times for an investigation or surveillance and once we have discussed your situation, we will then advise you of the best timetable and correct method for your investigation based on our years of experience and methodology. If required, you may also require a reasonable budget and more than one day for surveillance to achieve your realistic objectives!
  • Another common mistake some Clients make is requesting incorrect and or nonexistent Private Investigator services based on what they assumed to be reality from the media, movies and or other fictional sources. Australian Private Investigators are not illegal phone, computer and social media account hackers and your case may not always be solved with just one click of a button on a computer. You are contacting us because generally the information you are seeking is not easily publicly accessible and therefore you must understand that Australian Private Investigators might gather information regarding your objectives from other methods and not always from one press of a button on a computer. Clients should drop any incorrect preconceived notions and instead you may be directed to correct and legal methods such as inquiries, surveillance and searches of databases and registries to achieve your objectives. The first thing you should do is advise us of your scenario and what you are looking for. We will then honestly and transparently advise you on all legal and correct Australian Private Investigator service options and their applicable rates. For most Private Investigator service options, navigate our Home page for more information relating to your case!
  • To get started, we can simply and discreetly email you case information and or you may transparently find all our investigation products, services, costs and instructions on our My Spy Shop self service online store website. Here you can efficiently manage the investigation cost and control the expenditure by directly ordering only what you need. We believe we are the first and only private investigation agency in Australia to transparently itemize investigation products and services on our website to this extent, and with others you still don’t know what you’re actually getting and paying for!


Private Detective Frequently Asked Questions


Why you should hire My Spy and not do it yourself!


  • Investigating a subject yourself could jeopardize the relationship by making accusations without sufficient foundation or evidence. This could also cause the subject to become more secretive and make them more difficult to investigate. For some Private Investigator tell tale signs of partnership infidelity, see our Signs of a Cheating Partner page.
  • Investigating a subject yourself could potentially put you at risk of a Criminal Offense and or an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO).
  • Investigating a subject yourself could jeopardize your safety and security.
  • You could jeopardize costly court settlements, payouts and or custody disputes without the court quality factual evidence we provide.
  • We have the Private Investigator experience, government licenses, qualifications, expertise and equipment required for a successful result whilst remaining discreet and undetected.
  • Specialized Private Investigator equipment that we are trained to use on a daily basis can be quite expensive, which makes hiring us more economical than doing it yourself or hiring a non-professional.


What makes My Spy better than the competition!


  • We have more than two decades of experience, Insurance Investigations accreditation and Advanced Surveillance training and protocol, which most other so called “Spouse Investigators” do not have. We see this as the minimum required to operate as a qualified private investigator in combination with our high standards, precision and simplified and transparent processes.
  • We have gained extensive training, accreditation and experience far above the minimum required to operate as Private Investigators. More information about our Private Investigator certification and government accreditation is available on our About Us page.
  • We have conducted thousands of surveillance investigations in the field for over two decades and know what is required for a realistic and successful result.
  • Over about two decades, we have been recognized and awarded for the highest standard investigation reports and the top surveillance operative and are all too aware of substandard operatives utilized by other firms.
  • Don’t be fooled by other so called “Spouse Investigator” firms operating on the internet as some maybe just merely minimally qualified salespersons and not highly qualified investigators with the extensive training, experience and expertise we have.
  • Our high level of qualifications and expertise enables us to comprehensively plan and apply our investigative training and techniques to all types of Private Investigator cases at the most competitive rates, including the following matters;
  • Cheating Spouse or Partner Investigations
  • Family and Child Custody Disputes Investigations
  • Business, Merchandise and Employee Investigations
  • Insurance, Injury and Public Liability Investigations
  • Council and Environmental Compliance Investigations
  • Background and Pre-Dating Checks
  • Locating Persons and Information


Find all our Private Investigator contact details on our Contact Us page and or phone us directly on 1300 880 642.

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