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“Child Custody Investigations Specialist”

Are you facing a child custody battle with a former spouse or partner? My Spy Bondi Private Investigators and Detectives Sydney office has licensed agents positioned locally Australia Wide including Sydney Metro, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra ACT, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane and North QLD, Adelaide SA and Perth WA. You will uncover the truth about visitation, accurate answers about behaviours that impact the welfare of your child and peace of mind. If you believe your former spouse or partner is putting your child at risk or is neglecting their needs, you’ll need to act quickly to get the answers you need to keep your child safe. Our surveillance specialists will investigate with a constant regard for the child’s safety, needs, and welfare.

 Private Investigator Child Custody

My Spy Child Custody investigation specialists will conduct a full investigation into the welfare of your child and employ the latest surveillance technology to give you accurate answers. Our investigation will include:

  • A determination with regards to existing court orders and whether they are being observed during visitations. Proof of non-compliance will be provided in order to protect your child.
  • Discreet surveillance will be performed to assess treatment of the children, the welfare of the child, and whether or not their needs are being met.
  • Assess your needs in order to provide you with the results you need at an affordable rate.


“Family Investigations Specialist”

When facing a difficult family matter, it’s important to have support in facing your concerns. Family issues can be emotional, which makes it difficult to uncover the truth alone. Our family matters investigators are here to offer you support in finding out the truth about these difficult matters and an array of problems, which might have put your loved one at risk.

Private Investigator Family Disputes

At My Spy, we offer discreet services to help you ascertain the truth about a family member. If you suspect your loved one is at risk, it’s time to hire the top private investigators in Australia. My Spy can assist with family matters including:

  • Gambling Addictions
  • Family Issues
  • Teenager Problems
  • Drug Addiction
  • Lifestyle Issues
  • Outside Employment
  • And more

From suspected drug use to gambling issues, our family matters investigators will employ the latest investigative technologies to ensure you have the proof you need to help your loved one. For immediate assistance, please contact My Spy Private Investigators Sydney.

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