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“Insurance Claimant, Corporate and Business Investigations Specialist”


In today’s business world, it’s essential that insurers and corporations know the truth about employee misconduct, insurance fraud, legal liability claims, and more. From drug use in the workplace to staff theft and exacerbated injury and insurance claims, we can expertly and discreetly provide you evidence on all activities. Without proper monitoring, your business could fall prey to fraud, theft, and other activities. Let My Spy Private Investigators and Detective services limit your losses and protect your business with discreet corporate, workplace and insurance fraud investigations. With the latest investigative technologies and about two decades of insurance investigations expertise and accreditation, we are experts in this field and know how to achieve the results with an efficient and simplified system. We are also highly trained to compile evidence, reports and video footage that can be submitted as evidence in a court of law.

Business and Insurance Investigations Australia

Private Investigator and Detective Services Australia Wide


We have highly qualified licensed private investigators positioned across Australia with local area knowledge. In our selected major cities, we also have simplified, transparent and efficient cost structures with all fees included into a single rate and no hidden costs.

My Spy private investigations can assist with business matters including:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Exacerbated Injury Claims
  • Workplace Drug Use
  • Employee Abuse of Expense Accounts
  • Theft and Fraud By Staff
  • External Investigations
  • Fraudulent Bills from Suppliers
  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Screening Business Partners
  • Monitoring of PC Efficiency and Employee Performance
  • Investigation of Improper Use of Company Resources (Illegal or Unethical Activities)
  • Legal Liability Investigations in Sexual and Racial Harassment Cases

Our other useful private investigation categories include:

As Australia’s leading private investigation agency, we are here to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

My Spy Private Investigator Rates & Bookings

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