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If you suspect your partner has been unfaithful, it’s important to learn the truth as soon as possible. My Spy private investigator and detective services have a surveillance expert positioned in our specialist service areas such as the greater Sydney area with local area knowledge that will provide a discreet investigation service to uncover the facts with cheating partners and spouses to provide you with peace of mind. Our cheating spouse and partner investigator will discover the truth about your partner’s activities outside your relationship and provide you with definitive evidence such as reports and video footage. Let My Spy, with our two decades of private investigations experience and expertise, provide you with accurate information and results to resolve your suspicions. We are also industry leaders and have modernized and simplified the domestic investigation system with all costs transparently and efficiently included in one hourly rate, with no hidden costs for selected service areas in surveillance investigations. You can also control the budget and allocate the private investigation time required.


Spouse and Cheating Partner Investigations

Expert Private Detective and Investigation Services


One of the biggest issues in suspected infidelity is attempting to investigate the matter alone. If these suspicions are false, attempting to investigate the matter yourself could ruin your relationship. That’s why you need the help of a professional Private investigator and Private Detective such as My Spy that understands how to covertly and legally find out the truth. Whether your partner is cheating or not you deserve the facts in order to determine the next direction of your life. Learn how to recognize the signs of partnership infidelity and contact My Spy for help.

Here are Some Signs of Cheating Partners:
  • Your partner avoids your calls, doesn’t return phone messages, and or has the phone turned off.
  • Your partner hides his/her mobile device or they have another phone number you don’t know about.
  • They frequently delete text messages, emails, and or have a secret email account.
  • Your partner begins spending more time away from home and or they return home later than usual from work.
  • Cheating partners are often distracted, emotionally distant, and or less intimate.
  • Your partner changes his or her appearance, begins a new workout routine, and or takes a new interest in fashionable clothing.
  • You notice extra mileage on the car.
  • Cheating partners often take on new hobbies and interests etc., which they are likely to share with a new lover.

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If you suspect you have a cheating partner, My Spy Private Investigator and Detective services can help and are here to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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