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With proven private investigation credentials and over 2-decades of experience, recognized industry accreditation and certificates in government investigations and investigative services. We also have expertise and performed on many occasions, successful and legal submission of evidence and testimony in a court of law. Not all competitors on the internet have the same level of qualification with many only minimally licensed and it is paramount to use a qualified private investigator such as My Spy! We consult with you honestly and realistically about your matter and have the expertise to provide the highest quality service at competitive prices!

My Spy have transparently itemized the correct and legal private investigation products, costs and services available in Australia on our website www.myspyshop.com.au, to enable customers to efficiently and easily select and order the investigation products required in their case and only pay for the investigation components you need. We believe we are the first and only private investigation agency in Australia to highlight transparency and itemise investigation services into products on our website to this extent, and with less scrupulous competing private investigator agencies, you may still not know what you’re getting and paying for and could be misled. As commonly members of the general public do not correctly understand the Australian private investigator service and incorrectly assume private investigators have other extraordinary legal powers and access to information held by government and or private institutions and or provide illegal hacking and GPS tracking abilities where this is not the case as generally private investigators in Australia do not have extraordinary legal powers and access to information above the general public including to Centrelink office, Visa and Immigration department, Tax office, Motor registries, Roads and Maritime authorities, Police records, Bank and Telecommunication institution records. Australian private investigators also may not illegally facilitate nor generally have the capability to hack someone’s phone or computer, GPS track someone’s movements and property and or install a recording device on private property without consent and if you are found guilty of such criminal offenses, may be imprisoned up to five years in some Australian jurisdictions. Therefore, My Spy appropriately direct you to our transparent, correct and legal licensed investigation services to investigate all your objectives and investigation types and provide you with peace of mind and a positive outcome with the ability to present your evidence in a court of law if required to do so!


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Expertise comes from many years of experience and we are very proud of our achievements and hard work





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  • We have conducted thousands of surveillance investigations in the field for over two decades and know what is required for a realistic and successful result. Our experience and expertise enables us to methodically and comprehensively plan and execute your investigation. For more information about common mistakes made by clients and other inexperienced Private Investigators, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have been contacted by many clients that have previously received poor results and experiences from other less qualified investigators and or mainly spouse private investigators and we were requested to take over and correctly conduct the investigation. Unfortunately by this time, the client’s budget was usually depleted and once an investigation has been compromised it will make future tasks more difficult, which is why choosing the correct investigator at the start of an investigation is essential. Other Private Investigators should not be choosing based on their marketing appeal and or vague discussion about methods, simply stating “how we do it is our secret” or they are “highly qualified” but rather on transparency and back-able proven certification, training, results and industry experience.
  • As a qualified Private Investigator and Detective, we have over a decade of Advanced Surveillance training and Insurance Investigations accreditation and protocol, which most other “Investigators” do not have. We see this as the minimum required to operate as a qualified Private Investigator and Detective in combination with our high standards, precision and simplified and transparent processes.
  • We have gained extensive training, certification and experience far above the minimum required to operate as Private Detectives and Investigators.
  • Over two decades, we have been recognized and awarded for the highest quality Investigation Reports and the top Surveillance Operative and are all too aware of substandard operatives utilized by other firms.

“Master Licensed, Certified and Proven Credentials”

My Spy are highly qualified professional Private Investigator and Detective services and are Master Licensed for Investigation Of Persons and Surveillance Of Persons, master licence number 409445398. My Spy are also certified with Certificate IV in Government Investigations, Certificate III and II in Investigative Services Surveillance and Factual. Together with more than two decades of experience and Advanced Surveillance Training, our skills and knowledge far exceed those of our competitors. Don’t be fooled by other so called “Spouse Investigators” operating as some maybe just merely minimally licensed amateurs and not qualified Private Investigators with the extensive training, experience and expertise we have. For some Private Investigator reviews, see our Client Testimonials page for some invaluable feedback.

“Precise, Knowledgeable and Transparent Advice”

Clients commonly contact us with incorrect and or nonexistent Australian Private Investigator service requests based on false preconceived notions from media and or the movies. Prior to contacting us, Clients also commonly  mistakenly plan their investigation and or surveillance based on incorrect assumptions about the Subject’s movements and activities when in fact once the investigation and or surveillance has been undertaken 50% of cases revealed new and or different activities from the Client’s initial suspicions and assumptions. My Spy private investigator is expert and highly experienced in these matters and we will precisely advise you on all correct and legal Australian Private Investigator service options. We will also correctly and methodically plan and execute your investigation with proper procedures and transparently advise you on the amount of work and or time required and all applicable rates and charges. This also means we can efficiently plan your investigation suited to your budget. For more information about queries, costs and explanations of Private Investigator services, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“Background Checks, Locate Persons and Information Specialists”

My Spy private investigator has extensive training, investigative techniques and access to numerous databases enabling us to thoroughly conduct Background Checks, locate persons and information and find just about anything you seek. For the full range of Private Investigator services and options, please navigate our Home page.

“Surveillance Investigations Specialists”

My Spy private investigator and private detective specializes in surveillance and covert operations in selected service areas. We apply our skills and expertise to observe and or follow subjects or conduct undercover operations to yield everything you are looking for whilst remaining discreet and undetected. We also precisely locate and gather the information you need. Our high level of training and experience enables us to comprehensively plan and apply our expertise and investigative techniques to all types of Private Investigator matters including the following areas;

“Employing the latest Video Cameras and Covert Technology”

Our Private Investigator and detective is prepared with the latest technology in Covert Cameras and Equipment to capture high grade video and evidence in most likely situations whilst remaining discreet and undetected.

“Prompt, Professional and Confidential Service”

My Spy private investigator with our know how and specialist service areas, offers competitive industry rates, which can be tailored to any budget, whilst providing a premium service. You will also speak directly to the experienced private investigator at all times 7 days a week when the competition cannot even answer the phone! All services and consultations are completely private and confidential and no information is disclosed to anyone else. We also understand and consider that this is usually a stressful and emotional time for our clients and all consultations and cases are treated with the utmost consideration and sensitivity.

“Personalized Investigation Services in Australia”

We provide a premium personalized investigation service and invite you to call us at any time and or to arrange a consultation for customers right around the country. Find all our Private Investigator contact details on our Contact Us page. My Spy private investigator and detective services serves customers locally and Australia wide including Sydney metro, Wollongong, Newcastle, regional NSW, Canberra ACT, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane and Gold Coast QLD, Townsville North QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Darwin NT and Hobart Tasmania. Phone us directly on 1300880642.

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