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Cheats cannot elude our 15 Years Experience and over a Decade of Advanced Surveillance Training and Insurance Investigations Protocol. Master Licensed and Government Certified Private Investigator based in Sydney. Specialists in Surveillance Services, Background Checks, Searches. Free Confidential Consultation Australia wide, Best Rates!

My Spy Private Investigators combine high proven credentials with low cost Detective services. Based in Bondi, Sydney and highly qualified in investigations of Cheating Spouses to Business Fraud. When engaging a Private Investigator you should check they are License Accredited and Qualified as some are nothing more than salesman posing as Spouse Investigators! My Spy are trained to compile Evidence and Reports that may be submitted as evidence in a Court of Law and we employ the latest covert technology to capture high quality video and evidence whilst remaining discreet. My Spy Personal Investigators are specialists in Investigations and Surveillance exposing Insurance Fraud and contra-indications of Claimants Injuries, Corporate and Staff matters, Cheating Spouses and Partners, Child Custody and Family dispute, Locating Persons and Information, Background and Asset Checks, Work Verification, Lifestyle and Business Profiling, Interviewing and Statements. From Sydney head office our team spans Wollongong, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Townsville and services Australia wide.

Injury & Insurance Claims

See My Spy’s Radio Interview

Special feature for Sydney’s 104.9 Triple M radio station. Listen to the interview and watch the video footage!

Insurance – Corp Investigations

Private Investigator – Corporate and Insurance

In today’s cutthroat economic world, it’s essential to have independent evidence to limit potential losses from claims, scams and property theft.

Cheating Partner Investigations

Private Investigator – Cheating Spouse

If you have concerns about your partner, you need the facts that we obtain quickly, discreetly, covertly to determine the next direction of your life.

Family – Custody Investigations

Private Investigator – Family and Child Custody

If you have a pending family or child custody dispute, you need solid useable evidence to assist in costly court settlements or family welfare.

Background Check – Locate Info

Private Investigator - Background Checks

Naivety is no longer an excuse in today’s ruthless world, discreet business, employment and pre-dating character checks are essential.

Signs of a Cheating Partner

Private Investigator Sydney Signs Of Cheating Spouse

Your partner avoids your calls, has changed their appearance and has extra mileage on the car...


Frequently Asked Questions

Private Investigator Sydney Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Private Investigator cost, how to arrange an investigation and is it confidential...


Clients and Testimonials

Private Investigator Sydney Customer Reviews

When these organizations need help, they use My Spy... “Great job and beyond my expectations”...

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