Hallmarks of an Expert Private Investigator

My Spy – Private Investigators Brisbane and Gold Coast locations specializes when there is a breach of trust, either in personal or business matters, it becomes necessary to investigate and find the proof to establish the truth.  Investigating is not easy as it can lead to further strain and loss of money to reach peace of mind. Taking the help of trained and experienced professionals in investigating is the step in the right direction for individuals or businesses to arrive at a precise conclusion without further loss of time, effort and money.

Leading Private Investigator in Brisbane & Gold Coast

My Spy Private Investigators Brisbane and Gold Coast locations in Queensland are the leaders in the industry specializing in locating persons and information, background checks and surveillance operations catching out cheating spouses and business theft. My Spy Brisbane and Gold Coast have a highly trained team of investigators who have vast experience and professional certification. Recognized as the top surveillance investigators for nearly 2-decades, we have thousands of successful investigations to our credit.  At our Brisbane and Gold Coast Private Investigator locations we can tailor our rates to suit your budget while providing premium service. The services are confidential, prompt and discreet to the core.  We employ the latest technology in our video and photography to provide indisputable, clear proof for you.  We are available all the 7 days of the week to help you and you can call and ask for a free and no-obligation consultation anytime.

Range of Services offered

We provide comprehensive investigation services at our Private Investigator Brisbane and Gold Coast locations to help you in finding the truth and providing solid evidence.  We conduct investigations in a wide range of matters that include:

My Spy Private Investigators Brisbane & Gold Coast also provide video, photographic and written reports, information and evidence collected by our qualified and licensed private investigators.

When it comes to insurance and business matters, the team of expert investigators at our Private Investigator Brisbane & Gold Coast locations can cover a wide range of investigations including:

My Spy Private Investigators in Brisbane and Gold Coast will keep all your information private and confidential and provide discreet payment facilities. Based on our industry expertise and two decades of experience, you will receive the most direct, transparent and cost efficient domestic private investigation service options.

My Spy Private Investigators Brisbane & Gold Coast services span throughout Queensland, Australia and New Zealand. Contact us to know more.


My Spy Private Investigators Brisbane & Gold Coast

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